Monday, July 11, 2011

Redo Part 2

After many months and not so constant work, the kids room is finally....mostly done! But with baby on the way so soon, got enough done to appease myself and call it good for a while.

I took these before shots at the end of February, before we started the HUGE project of organizing and eliminating.

Our house was disastrous for a while as we switched everyone around and figured out where things would go and Jon built shelves in closets to organize better.

Then he continued by building beds and cubby stairs.

He had lots of help!!

The kids have been sleeping in their new beds since March, and have loved every minute!!

Then I had to finish by painting walls, beds, table and chairs, stairs, and dressers, sewing bolster pillows, comforter embellishments, and curtains and then giving the room a personality.  It was tough finding something that fit for both boys and girls. I finally decided on industrial/ music.  I'm still in the process of getting more music in there, and still haven't finished a few things, but I am satisfied for now.
We have had this table and chairs since Evey was born.
This is their first re-painting!! Shocking for a piece of furniture in my house!!!
So after months in the making, here is the almost final product.


4 Pennies for your thoughts:

Anonymous said...

those hanging beds are awesome and pure genius!! way to go :)

Drea said...

I LOVE it! Such a great use of the space!

Hannah said...

Well done! Looks fantastic. Jon did a great job isn't it nice to have a handy man!

Snyderemarks said...

Great job Lindseys - a very talented family!