Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Play Ball!

The kids have all had a ton of fun playing ball this summer!  Lex is in T-ball, much better that stupid start smart!!! But, he would still rather have a pitcher. The "T" is for wussies!!! I, as stated previously, am a bum, and again, waited until the last games to bring out the camera. And of course the last game was played on a makeshift field instead of their regular diamond with awesome red dirt and lines and everything!  Ugh! It's just what I get for being a procrastinator!

Lex had had a nasty stomach bug the day and night before his last game. We were all sad he would miss his game....but Lex had other plans. His game was a little bit later in the after noon, and he sucked it up and wanted to play. We went ahead and took him. I know we may be bad parents for this, but Lex LIVES for sports and counts down the "sleeps" until his next game, whatever it may be. So this being the last until fall soccer, we let him play. He did well, but I could tell he wasn't on his best game, poor guy.

The city makes it so there is a gradual learning process in each progressive league. They learn basics like throwing and catching in start smart. Then in Tball they go to a game set up, and have them run bases, but there are no outs and every kids is out on the field. This bums me a little because the kids need to learn that getting "out" is part of the game and not to get hurt feelings over it. More on that later. But, Lex's coach was awesome and really taught them some fundamentals: how to stand with one foot on base and reach for the ball, where the play is and other stuff  like that. Lex was a great First baseman and Pitcher. He can catch most any ball thrown to him and throws really well too. Can wait to see him progress!!

I'm pretty sure they got this kid out, but since there are no outs he gets to run the bases still. Dumb, if you ask me! But if you ask other, less competitive parents.... 

This is where I can tell Lex isn't feeling well...his form isn't as rigid as normal.

But a good hit still!

The last batter is the "grand slam hitter" in that he hits and gets to run the bases no matter who gets  "out" Lex was that hitter this time and as you can see, the coaches get the kids to get the ball to the catcher so that as each kid on base runs home they can tag them out....but there's not outs...DUMB!!

Let's give a cheer. There's no winner, but hey we had fun!

What a cute little athlete!

Paris was in coach pitch this year, the step up from tball. The only thing different is, obviously, the coach is pitching the ball to them. There are still not outs, even though if you have a good coach -we did- if you are gotten out, they make you go back to the dug out. It doesn't count against the team though, and most teams just left the out girl on base.

Paris was a great hitter! She usually hit the first ball thrown to her! Love the face!!

She would throw off her helmet as she was running to first. Which made me laugh, and no one ever corrected her on it. Apparently it's not a rule to have a helmet on as you run the bases. Paris is a little diva. She has a pink glove and a pink helmet and uses the pink bat. AND, hates to be the "grand slam hitter"!! She is very particular and likes to have everything go just the way she wants it to, so being tagged out at home does not work for her. This is why I hate these stupid no outs rules and the last hitter thing. It isn't teaching our kids good sportsmanship. We try to tell Paris it is okay to go last and be tagged out, that is part of the game and every kids has to do it sometime, and sometimes she'd cry because she'd have to be last, and she wanted to be first or third or whatever number she hadn't been yet. Her coach is her friends dad and he and his wife adore Paris and don't mind catering to her. We are annoyed to no end with Paris' attitude sometimes and get on her about crying and pouting. One time Jon yelled out "There's no crying baseball!"  Not mean or anything, and he was actually quoting a movie, but I'm not sure the other parents picked up on this and he got some weird looks. I laughed!! We have another year of this division of coach pitch, and so we will be helping Paris to become a better team member. The next league up is much better! There are many more regular softball rules! But, for now, it was fun to watch Paris, and all her cutie little girly things she did as she played. And she really did enjoy playing!

Evey's regular season is over. I missed taking pictures!! I have some on my phone if it comes to that, but lucky for me they play a city wide tournament. She missed the first 2 games of the double elimination tournament, but the team won one and lost one, so they played again yesterday (6/28) and won putting them in the number two seat for the state tournament and in the finals for the city tournament. So, I will have another opportunity or two to get pictures of her. Phew! So, until then...


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