Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So since the move is so close, we're trying to cram as much NY in as possible.
These are the shuttle subways themed "wraps".


"Ice Land"
We rode the "Underwater" shuttle.

The kids like to watch Geoffery, He's so funny!

Always a sensory overload!

This was a fun little discovery, and then on to Nintendo World. Jon was in heaven, I had to bribe him out, or we would have been there all day. We got to play Brain Age 2 that was released 2 days ago though, it was pretty fun!

Chipoltle for lunch, one of our favorites. We'll have to wait a while to have that again!A ride on the Central Park Carousel, and meet up with a high school friend. It was great to see you Lexi!

We HAD to stop by the 3 story Disney store.

We happened to be there for a little show from High School Musical.

We have such a great picture of Evey in front of Radio City Music Hall, so I thought I'd try one with Paris.

Eh, it's alright. Paris is cute though. This one was much better in my head, but it's okay. I need to work on my photography skills!

The plan was to go to the Statue of Liberty, but we were having so much fun and didn't even look at when the last ferry went, and we missed it! CRAP! But Evey took her picture with a weird street vendor, no speak-a english.
But there was this one guy, who had some amazing photo mosaic's Jon really wanted to get one, but we weren't sure where it was going to hang in our house. That happened before when we had the girls names painted on a poster. Those have been rolled up in a box for almost a year now. I love so much of the stuff that the street vendors have, I would love to buy a lot of it, but I have to control myself! Anyway, we had to settle for the Staten Island Ferry, but that' always fun!

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