Thursday, April 23, 2009


Or butterflies have emerged! We didn't get to see it happen. The first two were out one day, and we tried to see the others but, they didn't cooperate very well.  Aren't their eyes weird?!

This ones wings didn't fully open all the way and he had a hard time moving.

We never actually got to see them eat, but they were so pretty sitting on the flower.

And this ones wings didn't really form at all.

Love this pic!

Two flew right away, but this one was so nice to stick around so I could snap a few pictures.

Here are the two with the messed up wings, they ended up dying on the day we set them free. We had a little butterfly funeral. It was so fun to watch this whole process.  Paris loved every part of the whole change. 

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TheAndFam said...

I'm so glad you posted the pictures of the butterflies! I was waiting to see how they turned out! I'm sorry to hear about the funeral. Tell Paris that she will see them one day in the after life and she will be reunited with them. Also, thanks so much for coming with me to the pool. I'm really glad I got to share Ryan's day with you and the kids!