Thursday, April 16, 2009


Looky what we got! Yay how fun! I love snow, unlike many people in this area. I heard so many complaints from our 3-4 inches, and the 9 that some other parts of Utah got. But thats nothin' compared to what Woodland Park, the little CO town I grew up in, got! The whole town shut down for the 3+ FEET they got in the first day! Count your blessings, Utah people, count your blessings!

The birdies didn't seem to mind too much.

Our poor flowers, but oh so pretty!

We have a huge flock of yellow-headed black birds, that have been visiting our feeders lately. They have gotten bolder and are actually getting up on the feeders now. They used to just stay down, and eat what the smaller birds dropped. But, they're pretty nice to the little birds, they don't bully them or scare them away.

They are quite timid though and any little movement scares them all off, which is a site to see. Straight out of Hitchcock!

I love the contrast of the white to the colors of the tulips!

The snow was very wet and heavy. Our poor pine tree thing was pretty deformed.

And this trees branches were all the way to the ground. But it all melted super quick, and left a olympic size swimming pool under the tramp. Looks like we need to fix the drainage situation in the backyard. Muddy dog feet make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry!

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Mom said...

Amy, all the pictures are so good. Everyone, I can attest that Amy has always been very creative. And she and Jon are perfect for each other, they are both such over achievers (see the Easter egg hunt). I can also vouch for Amy and that "angry" thing. Ewwch!! don't go there.