Monday, December 14, 2009


Paris was chosen as the Spotlight Student for the week of

October 19-23. She had fun being the center of attention
that week. She got to bring something special to show the
class about herself, bring treats, and would have had lunch
with the Principal if she stayed at school that long.
Unfortunately Kindergartners don't get that privilege. We
were so proud of her! And oh how she loved all the attention.
She is doing so well in school. Her teacher is amazing, we
love her. She is very soft spoken and patient. Paris comes
home singing a song about everything. A song about how
to write each of the numbers, a song about each month, etc.
We ask her everyday if she has learned a new song and she
proudly sings whatever she's learned perfectly. She has and
amazing ear and memory. She can sing me a song she learned
for the first time that day. Mrs Sarkady says she is a great
student and is so quite and polite. But, that she is a social
butterfly and has a lot of friends. Paris loves to show me all
the things she brings home in her backpack, and is becoming
quite the artist. Her favorite thing to do lately is draw pictures
and write about what they are. I love the way she sounds out
what she is trying to write. She is getting so big, where does the
time go?!

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