Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 months of Winter

I found some pictures, that I hadn't posted,
of Winter's birth day, so ...

She was actually due on the 23rd, but I was
ready for her to be here and decided I couldn't
wait anymore, so with the dr's okay I had her
evicted on the 18th. The hospital called at 5 am
and told us to be there by 6:30, so we got ready
and took the kids to my moms and got to the
hospital at about 6:30. After check-in, getting
situated, and the iv in they started the pitocin
at about 8ish.

We fully expected to have her by 10, but after
the epidural, she just decided to take her sweet
little time. The nurse told us that the lady in the
next room was also induced and this wasn't her
first baby, so all the staff bet on who would have
the baby first. She told us that most everyone
had their "money" on me (no pressure) My mom
and sisters thought I would have the baby fast
too so they decided to go ahead and bring the
kids to the hospital at about 10ish. They ended
up doing a lot of waiting.

Jon and I watched a lot of Myth Busters that day.
I guess it was only 4 episodes, but it seemed like
a lot. Anyway, At about 11 I had to make sure I
was still winning. The nurse said I had it in the
bag. Whew!

At about 12:30 I finally made it to 10cm and they
called the dr and had me do a "practice" push.
Then told me not to push anymore and wait for
the dr. (I've heard this for every baby now, "don't
push, just hold it in until the dr gets her" Geez)
When he got there I pushed another 1 and 1/2
times and then at 12:52pm got to hold our beautiful
baby girl. She came so easily, no tearing at all, as
with all the others. Apparently I beat the lady next
door by a landslide, I should have demanded a
portion of the winnings!

She is our biggest at 7lb 15oz. I can't imagine what
she would have been if she'd have stayed in a week longer!

All of our kids have latched on right away to nurse, but
Winter was like a magnet, she was attached before we
had fully "assumed the position!"

Lex was a little unsure at first. He didn't really know
what to think. But he has been such a good big brother
and helper!

Paris can't get enough baby time. Everyday when she
gets home from school she asks to hold the baby.
So Sweet!

Of course Evey loves Wynn too. She is another little
mommy running around the house. I don't know what
we would do without her.

Jon took the brand new baby pictures and then when the
kids came in my mom tried to take a few of us all
together, but she's not so comfortable with the cam. So
my Dr. ( Dr. Dammit, I mean Gamette. He's so wonderful.
He delivered Paris and Lex too) he just took the camera
and posed us all and was snapping pictures like a pro. He
was funny trying to get all of the angles. Love him!

This is our favorite thing to do. Snuggle on the bed with
the new little one. (look how good mom did on these!!)

It's not that I don't enjoy being at the hospital, and the
kids LOVE helping me eat the food, it's just that after I
have the baby I'm ready to get up and go. I don't really
like being confined to a bed. So I asked the nurses how
soon I would be able to leave. They like to keep everyone
24 hours, but I did have awesome nurses who worked
super hard to get everything ready so we could leave by
noon the next day. And we did, and I was so happy to be
up and running around. I was hurtin' so bad that last
stretch of pregnancy that, when I got home and was able
to move freely I was so happy. We were seriously at
Target the day after we got home! And I haven't stopped
moving since!

Winter has just been so wonderful. She is so content and
nurses well and then sleeps super good. She is totally
healthy despite being out and about almost everyday of her
life do far. I'm not a very paranoid mom, we have them at
stores and church and anywhere and everywhere pretty right
off the bat. We did skip church that next week, but only
because we already had a sub to teach our class. She is
growing so fast. At her 2 week appt she had already gained
back her birth weight and added 8 oz and grew 2 inches.

She has been smiling for a few weeks now. She already
knows how to get what she wants from daddy by batting
her beautiful eyes and giving him a big grin. I love having
another girl to dress in cutie clothes and shoes. So I have
a little problem with shoes, they are all just so cute and
we have a lot from the other girls, but I can't help myself.
I bought these for Wynn...

But these are our favorite from Evey. We mainly have
sandals from Paris, she had chunky feet!

Wynn had her 2 month check up today. She is perfectly
healthy and tall and skinny. She is 23 1/2 inches, another
2 from her last check up, and 10 lb 15 oz, that's plus 2 1/2
pounds. She is taller and skinnier than both of the other
girls and Lex. Which means that they actually grew faster because
they were born smaller. It's fun to compare them and try
to guess what Wynn will look like. I just can't believe how
fast they grow! But she still loves to cuddle, so I'm okay.

We still can't believe how much Wynn looks like Evey!

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slm said...

cute! congrats amy. adorable bundle.

Lacy said...

She's so cute and does look like Evey! Congrats!