Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RaNdoM dAnCiNg

Little miss Wynn has the sweetest little smile.
She always smiles for Jon, and usually for the
girls. She will do it for me most of the time,
but she'd rather use me as a milk machine!
She has a cutie little dimple on the left, but
it's hard to see in these pics.

One day we were watching Labyrinth and commenting on
David Bowie and his spandex pants and awesome hair. We
decided that his eye makeup was pretty cool, so we got out
our collection and I attempted to duplicate it on Evey.
It turned out pretty cool. She loved it and ended up going to
the mall with it that way, in a hip little outfit. She looked so
grown up!

Evey thought it was fun to do make overs and so sat Paris
down for one.

A little bit Queen Amidala, I think.

Paris got a kite for her birthday, so we went out to fly it
one afternoon when there was a little bit of wind. It was
actually getting stormy so we only flew it and Lex's for a
little while until the rain started coming down.

After we came inside, Jon was folding the kite up to put
it away when he happened to look at the packaging and
see the "Warnings" We had a good laugh because we
broke most of the rules.
Don't fly near trees or phone poles(check and check),
don't fly near people (uh huh), and don't fly in lightning
( we were just channeling Mr. Ben! it actually wasn't really
lightning(ing?) out there.)

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