Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Sing

All of the Provo Elementary school choirs
did a combined Spring Sing at the Provo
Tabernacle. It was pretty cool. Each school
choir got up and did a "solo" song and then
all the schools performed a couple together.
I thought about bringing my camera, then
walked out the door with out it (shoot me
in the head!!!) so I only had my phone. It's
not a bad pic, but you know me, I expect
better pictures. As they concert started and
they were getting the first school up (which
happened to be Evey's choir) they had us as
an audience sing some rounds together. It
was way cool. We even sang a song that I
learned in elementary school. "My Paddle
Keen and Bright" at Columbine Elem. with
Mr Leatherman, for anyone who might
remember that far back. We thought it would
take forever to load each choir on the risers
and then unload and load another. But they
have been doing this for so many years now
that they have it down, and it actually went
really fast. The last song they sang all together
was so good. It was kind of a tribal sounding
song. They had some kids playing percussion
and then they did these actions, and when all
the kids did them together it was super awesome.
No pic of that, boo! Great night though, lots of fun.

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Lacy said...

I remember Mr. Leatherman!