Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cold Blooded....

We finally got a decent snow at the beginning of March.
So we took advantage and went out to play in it. It was a
beautiful day, the sun was out and we could tell it was all
going to melt pretty quick, but we had to build at least
one snow man this year.

Wynn spent the time snoozing out in her bouncy chair.

This pic was when we were about to go in and Paris was
angry we hadn't made the snowman look like Frosty.

"Look mom, a snow baby!"

Leave it to Jon to come up with creative snow people.
They built 2, one standing the other laying down.

Cold Blooded Murder!

Jon said as he was leaving for work one day he saw
someone drive by then stop back up and take a picture
of our gruesome scene. He was so proud!

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