Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Report Card

Last week we had the girls parent teacher conferences.

They are both doing very well.

Evey's teacher had nothing but good things to say, as
we have come to expect. She is a great student, top
of the class, and always willing to help others and the teacher.
She has been in Math Olympiad and an advanced science class
that she leaves campus for once a month. She has almost
perfect scores on all assignments. And of course all A's.
We are so proud of her.

Paris' teacher had all good things to say about her too.
She is doing great. They tested them to make sure the
kids were ready to advance to first grade.Paris got a
perfect score on one and only missed 2 on the other.
She is also at the top of her class.

She loves to write and draw. The kids were assessed
on how well they wrote a sentence on their own and
drew a picture that corresponded to the sentence, and
then read the sentence back. Capitalization, spacing
and punctuation were all assessed as well. Paris wrote
two perfect sentences (except for a one letter spelling
error) and 2 cute pictures, colored so nicely to go with it.

Paris also loves math. She loves for Evey to quiz her at
home and can add 2 digit numbers like a pro. She is well
on her way to first grade. We are so proud of her and are
excited to see her continue to grow and learn.

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