Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Soccer

This week was the start of spring soccer. Evey's
game was first and early enough that is was
really nice out. She is such a hard player, it's
really fun to watch her. The other team was
told to "keep on her" the whole game.

We kept the same deal as last season, that if
the kids score a goal we will go out for ice
cream. So the first game of the season, Evey
got a goal and we got to go for ice cream.

I love to cheer during the game so I never get
action shots of Evey, they are all during
substitutions or kick offs or sometime while
she is just standing still.

This is what little Wynn does during the games!
She has to be able to see everything, or she is not
happy. If we put her little cover over her she gets
mad, until we open it back up.

Lex was next the next day. This is his first
season playing "real" soccer. No more Start
Smart, yay. He loves just getting to play.
He's a hard player too, we can't wait to see
him grow and get better. He has no fear and
just charges after the ball even if it means
challenging a kid 6 inches taller than him.

And, this kick went in the goal! More ice cream for us!

This day was a little bit crazy, Jon had to work
and it was cold so I had a lot to carry, luckily I
had Evey to help for the first game. Lex's game was at 4:30 then
we had an hour till Paris' game so we ran home
for dinner and to get Evey to Activity Days,
then the younger 3 and I headed to Paris' game.
It was freezing! But Paris had fun. She really likes
too play, but she is a little flighty! But SOOO cute!
Look at that tongue!!

She didn't score a goal this time, but because
Lex did we still go to get ice cream.

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