Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double Digits

For her birthday, we sent Evey on a trip. She
enjoyed shopping in New York...

Lounging on the beach in Kuai...

And brushing up on her french!!

Don't we wish!! But it was fun imagining all of the places!
We have about 5 more pictures we made of other exotic places,
but thought we wouldn't bore the audience.

We can't believe our little Evey is growing up so fast!! It seems
like just last week she was the little infant in our arms.

She is such a beautiful little lady, who has made us so proud.
She is amazingly talented and smart, and most importantly
she is always willing to help anyone and is
nice to everyone.

I am so blessed to have such a great helper around the house.
She rarely complains when I ask her to do something for her
siblings, and only every now and then when I ask her to do chores! ;)

We are so proud of everything she does and are looking forward to
the next decade of her life and watching her blossom and amaze us
more and more everyday!

Her birthday fell on a Sunday, actually a special Sunday because Jon
blessed Winter at church that day. She is the second sibling to be
blessed on Evey's birthday. Paris was too in 2004.

Like every Sunday the family, plus a few were over for dinner
and games. We served Eveys choice, pot roast...

...and tried a new recipe. She had originally wanted a Costco cake,
but decided at the last minute Saturday, she'd rather have a
homemade ice cream cake. So we looked one up and tried it out.
It involved ganash, cake, Nilla Wafers and heath bar ice cream.
It turned out so yummy!

Look at all those candles!
And, notice her cell phone right next to her. Yeah, she is a texting
queen!! We're in trouble!!

Of course the gifts must be shown. Her favorites include
the Percy Jackson series, the Fablehaven series, yo-yos
( she is awesome at walk the dog and around the world!)
and mood rings.

What birthday is complete without mom making you
pose for pictures!!

Oh but she loves it. Can you tell?!

The pictures at the top were done because it was
such a cute picture of Evey, but it was in the front
yard which is not green yet, so we thought it would
look cute in a better background.

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