Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winter Blessing

It was a super special day on March 28th. Not only was it Evey's
birthday, but Jon was able to bless Winter. The chapel was
pretty full that day, there were 2 other babies being blessed
and with everyone's family we filled and overflowed all sections
of the overflow. We were thankful to have as many family
members as were able and a few special friends there to share
in this special day!

This was Jon's first time blessing one of our kids (Evey, Paris
and Lex were all blessed by very special friends and family),
but did an awesome job. He didn't sound nervous at all. Some
of the things he blessed her with were:
Wisdom to be able to discern right from wrong,
The courage to be able to choose the right all the days of her life,
Health, to be able to grow in strength and beauty
Her talents be manifested and shown to all the world
Blessed to be an example to her friends and family
And to live and grow in righteousness

I'm so proud of Jon and the awesome daddy and hubby he is.
And for his worthiness to hold the priesthood and bless our lives
and that we share in the knowledge that our family will be
together forever.

Thank you to Amber and Abe for the precious bracelet!

I so need studio lighting! Just a mounted Speedlite and some lamps,
just don't cut it! Some pictures are blurry because I had to use a slow
shutter speed (tear).

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