Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eggs and Killer Bunnies

We love the commercial part of Easter, but really we have to make sure we keep the real
meaning of the Holiday. Jon and I teach Lex's primary class with 5 other boys his age.
Kids are like sponges for sure and especially about the gospel. So it's always a priority
that we make sure they know why we celebrate these holidays. At activity days Evey
made a little kit of eggs, I've heard it called Resurrection eggs before, but I'm not sure
that's what she calls it. Anyway, in each of 12 eggs there is a scripture and a little object
to go with it. For example; 3 dimes representing the 30 pieces of silver Judas was given to
betray Jesus, a piece of red cloth representing the robe Jesus was dressed in with the crown
of thorns, and an empty egg representing the empty tomb.
Evey took it upon herself to hide the eggs and then had Paris and Lex do an egg hunt and help
her read the story and open the eggs. I didn't know what they were doing until I looked out to
see, this is what I saw. We're so proud of her for her example!

I absolutely love the colors of died eggs. We always search for kits with really cool stuff in
but, there didn't seem to be any
super cool ones this year.
They all had cheezy stickers and
thelittle cardboard stand thingys
and that's it, so we just grabbed
one with
just die and relied on the leftovers from previous years. Here's a few of the favorites.
Everyone is so independent and creative in their own ways.

Decorating just a couple each is just not enough, so we died 4 1/2 dozen!!! It was just about right.

We have had 3 cute matching bunny baskets since Evey was born. When Paris was born, I gave her mine and when Lex was born Jon gave him his. It's worked out well for the past few Easters, but not this Easter. We have been looking for years for the same baskets, to add to the 3, but with no luck, so the bunnies were retired this year. We wanted matching ones and spent a lot of time looking for the right ones. I like the personalized Pottery Barn buckets, but just can't justify the over $90 it would take to get them. So, we just bought some basic baskets and I made personalized liners. That way if or when there are anymore additions to the family, it will be easy to add and match.

The kids like to leave some carrots and a few eggs for the Easter bunny...

...and in return he leaves them each a game or puzzle to find their basket.
Paris received a map and a set of coordinates which led to another set of coordinates and so on...

... they were in some pretty crazy places. The final coordinate was where her basket was hiding.

Evey was given a recipe. She had to find the ingredients. Some included; 6 books made into movies, 3 yo-yos, 1 star,etc. On each ingredient was a letter, when she collected all of the ingredients, she had to mix them and make them into a word, like refrigerator, which is where she would find the next recipe.

Her ingredients were also all over the house. One finally led to her basket.

Lex was given a dvd that was out of it's case and was told to put it away. In that case was the wrong movie so he had to put it in it's case. He went on a wild chase between the 4 or so places we have movies and video games until he came to the last one that had a clue to where his basket was hidden.

In each of their baskets was a clue that they had to put together to find Winter's basket. It was hidden in the garage in a new outdoor bin...
...with a bunch of new outdoor toys. We're pretty sure the Easter bunny would have left the box outside where it belongs, but we had a fresh coat of snow on Easter morning!

Jon and my baskets were left on the counter with a new game for the family, which quickly became a favorite with not only our family, but my mom and siblings and our friend Tristan, who comes to play with us. We thought it pretty funny that the bunny brought us a game called Killer Bunnies!!! So fun!

The Easter bunny also hid eggs for the kids to do an egg hunt, however it was indoor because of the snow. Poor bunny probably had freezing little feet!
Paris wanted me to take a picture of her candy.

And here's the snow, this is after a lot of it had melted. It was pretty!

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Drea said...

That seriously sounds like the most fun Easter. EVER. You are the most creative and fun mom! I'm inspired!