Saturday, April 17, 2010

Utah Time Travelers

The 4th grade learned Utah history by putting on a
musical, Bill and Ted style. There was a group of
students who traveled back in time and stopped at
all of the historic events from Dinosaurs to Mormon
Pioneers to the Golden Spike in the railroad. Each
stop had its own song, and a song for each county.
Jon and I love that they learn through song, it
permanently ingrains the information in their heads.
Jon, Evey and Paris are some of the few who can name
all 50 states in alphabetical order thanks to a song.

Anyway, Evey was a Gosiute hoop dancer.

They did an awesome job. The fourth grade teachers are
amazing, they really put in so much extra time and effort
for the kids. They are amazing ladies. Evey will miss them
when she moves on next year.

She sure it a cute little pale Indian!

She and her friend goofing off with some of the awesome sets.

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