Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ice Holes

I can't brag enough about how easy Winter is. Kurt had his

Championship hockey game a couple of weeks ago. Jon had
to work, but I took the kids. Kurt's team is the Ice Holes
and they played a big rival team the Toques (pronounced
"tooks" for all you hosers who don't know aboot hockey,eh!)
So, the crowd was very loud... very, very!! The older 3 had
fun screaming and stomping their feet when they'd score a goal.
Wynn was awake when I brought her in. She sat and watched
a while them decided to fall asleep, and stayed that way for
the rest of the game, despite my screaming and foot stomping!!!
I grabbed my phone and recorded a few seconds to show Jon,
but I thought I'd go ahead and post it. Listen at your own risk,
it's really loud!

Here's a pic for those who didn't subject themselves to the racket!
She was snuggled with me in my jacket.

On another bragging note, The Ice Holes beat those Toques,
fought them, a few got ejected and had a great night.
Way to go Ice Holes!!!

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