Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It has been a sad, sad summer in my world.

My camera has decided to function sporadically.
Luckily the only scheduled photo shoots I had
were for my sister, Abby and her fiancé. The cam
worked for about 10 shots then died in the middle
of a shot...tear. I'm just glad it wasn't in the middle
of a photo shoot for someone who wasn't family
and paying for the time. Whew!

Things I missed out taking pictures of:

☀4th of July!!!! (Firecrackers....WHAHAHAH!)

☀Camping (dirty kids, tent building, beautiful
scenery, silly dog, Evey and friend sleep alone in
their own tent!, weenie/Bratz roast...
mmm nom nom nom, so good!)

☀Trips to Seven Peaks (we have season passes,
so maybe before the summer is over I'll get some)

☀Playing in the Olympic Legacy Plaza Dancing
Waters at The Gateway

☀Riding bikes (picture a 6' 3 guy riding a 12"
spiderman bike, Thanks for the laugh Tristan!)

☀Winter naked on the slip-n-slide (she wanted in on
the fun so I just pulled her clothes off!)

☀Trip to the zoo (cutie baby elephant Zuri, Evey getting super
close to peacock to get a feather)

☀The kids bought 3 cans of shaving cream and
sprayed it all out on the tramp and had a shaving
cream fight ( so funny...sniffle!)

☀Winter's new milestones (crawling, eating big
girl food, Pulling to stand, and 2 TEETH!!!)

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Lacy said...

Amy, do you shoot Nikon or Canon? I have a friend that may still have her old Nikon (can't remember the model). She just upgraded. Let me know if you're interested. I would be sad too, it's is indeed a tragedy.