Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ready to Run

Little miss Winter can hardly wait to keep up with

her brother and sisters.

As soon as we returned from New York, which put
her at just under 5 1/2 months, she decided it was
time to sit all by her onesies and army crawl all over
the house. It's been fun to watch her get around on her
own. Her favorite toys to find are Little People animals,

Princess toys, old cell phones (she'd actually rather have
a working one) and remotes. She likes to taste EVERYTHING
she finds, which keeps me on top of picking up anything left
behind by the other kids, ie; stray Legos

and Barbie shoes, you get the picture.

At her 6 month check up on the 19th of July she was 26 1/2
inches and 15lbs 6 oz. Which makes her my tallest child at
this age, and skinniest girl. I know I've said it already, but
I just love seeing the differences in all of them. So the
doctor was right in his prediction that she would be
crawling at 6 months. Nobody else crawled until around 9
months. Lex was also an army crawler. Her new thing for
this month is her want to stand everywhere. When I try to
sit her down on the floor she straightens her body because
she would rather stand. She loves to stand against the
coffee table or couch and actually started pulling herself up
from sitting. I guess she just didn't want to be a baby for too long.

Her other new development is two sharp little teeth.
This is also much sooner than her siblings. She loves to
stick my finger in her mouth and try to saw it off. Nursing
hasn't been too painful yet, I'd like to keep it that way!

Winter has such a funny little personality. She looks at
you and you know she wants to say something. She has
started mimicking, which is just too cute. I'll shake my
head back and forth and then she'll do it too. She
mimics a few noises too, including an inhaling/gasping
noise and kisses. She is such a cute kisser and loves to
give them, especially to her reflection. But, if Jon or I
ask her for a kiss she'll click her tongue tomake the the
sound and then open her mouth and lean toward us.
Love it!

As I sit here at the computer, she crawls over and gets
under the desk, and is generally occupied for a few
minutes, but then her new favorite spot is right on top
of the desk giving whatever pictures I'm editing kisses
and dumping out the contents of the container of writing
utensils. She also loves music and hums along with
whatever anyone is singing, or playing (violin, piano,etc.)
When I sit down to play the piano, I sit her in her high chair
next to me and she has a blast accompanying the songs I play.

Winter has been so much fun and we can't wait for her to start
walking and running around after her siblings, I'm not so sure
they will love that idea though...

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Drea said...

It doesn't seem like she should already be 6 months old. Time flies when...your only contact with friends is online! I love hearing about how she's growing and developing! Matilda's favorite items are also cell phones and remotes. I can't tell you how many confused texts I've received after Matilda has found my phone and sent messages to people! She also always manages to add new contacts and change my external wallpaper. =) Winter is a real beauty and I love getting to feel like I "see" your little family on a regular basis!