Monday, September 27, 2010


Kurt has started getting his music talent out in the open
recently at an open mic at this awesome little live music
gallery. Jon and I got to go see him one night.

He was near the end of the play list, but it was fun to listen
to the talent in our little area. The talent is amazing actually
with all of the students at both BYU and UVU. And with music
being a huge, HARD major to get into here, the talent is pretty
awesome. The music style of most of the performances were
similar, a softer indy type. Jon commented that he needed a
huge mug of cappuccino and a poetry book.

Kurt however, plays a different genre of music, that took
some pretty (excuse my language) big nuggets!!

His first song was "In the Air Tonight" a Phil Collins song
but rock-ified. It was very cool.

Then he hyped up the audience, which consisted largely of
his friends and Zoobies (a stereotype used for Y students,
usually by those not necessarily living every aspect of the
honor code, or those who may not have at one point in their
lives ;)

Okay he might have scared the Zoobies.

He sang Lollipop a Lil' Wayne song. Which has some,
okay quite a bit, of questionable content. After the show
Ty told us that he saw a couple "BYU mommies" (not me)
folding their arms and shaking their heads.

He did sensor the song quite a bit, and it was all in good
fun, and the hooting and hollering from the audience
confirmed that most of them had fun too. Good Job Kurt,
we had a blast!!


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