Sunday, September 26, 2010

LEXS Academy

Part 1 -Setup
Starting at 5 the kids get to have friend birthday parties.
So this was Lex's first. We decided on a superhero theme.
Lex would have been okay with a spiderman or batman
party, but (some may think I'm crazy) I really can't stand
character merchandise! Don't get me wrong I still by the
kids a character toy, if they really want it, but I steer clear
of character shirts, or towels, or bedding or party stuff.
So we decided to create his own Logo and have a superhero
training academy. It just so happens his name works
perfectly for the League of EXtraordinary Superheroes- LEXS.
So we went crazy with it. We made invites, and stickers and shirts.

I also made each boy a cape,mask, and gauntlets for their training.

I really didn't know what I wanted to do for the cake. We
wanted something with fondant, because I wanted to try a
new recipe. So I decided on just a round cake with the logo.
But I did color the batter so it was a fun multi-color cake.

So this is my first time making homemade fondant. If you've
ever bought it from the store you'll know why I didn't want
to use it again, yuck! It turned out great though!

I made sure everything fit in the colors we picked. Black
and green soda. Kurt named the green soda Kryptonite Juice,
so that is what all the boys wanted.

We set up some training stations for the boys to train to be
We had:
Dodging "Bullets" on the tramp (Kurt threw squishy balls
at them and they had to jump and roll and dodge them)
Leaping over buildings
Crossing shark and alligator infested waters
Target practice
Finding Kryptonite in the Batcave
Rescuing a damsel in distress

I took a few pictures of Lex before the party, because I knew,
I wouldn't get too many once all the boys got there.

He has retrieved a sliver of Kryptonite
(glow sticks in a sea of balloons)

Part 2 -PARTY
Trainees pondering a run away balloon.

Superheroes in training....listening very carefully to the
master superhero

And they're off!!

Perfect aim! They had both silly string and water grenades
to hit as many targets as possible.

Super sisters

Evey made friends with the alligator and shark! Paris, however,
fell in at one point, nearly loosing a strand of hair!

The poor damsel, in need of rescue!

Never fear, captain D is here!

Training complete! These are REAL superheroes!!

Time for some grub...

... sweets...

...and a wish!

Part 3- Clean-up
The cake turned out delicious!! The fondant was really yummy.

We thought it looked pretty cool the way the balloons
were weighted down by the silly string...a bit alien.

Staff retrieving a stray balloon.

Super staff..

or super geeks???

I might get a beatin' for posting these!!

Cool shirts huh?! It was fun okay!

Mom and Evey had to leave in the middle of the party to
get Evey to her Dance Company pictures. ( we weren't
informed of the photo shoot until AFTER invites were
delivered!!! Argh! And they even asked me to do the
photoshoot, which I would have loved, but we had some
superheroes to train!) But I was very thank full to Kurt,
Grammy, and Tristan for their help. We couldn't have
pulled it off without you!

5 Pennies for your thoughts:

Hannah said...

Your creativity amazes me Amy! I may be calling you when it's time for Lilly to start having parties!

Drea said...

WOW! That looks like the coolest boys birthday party ever! What a great idea!

DrKeppy said...

You amaze me! I'm totally going to have to revisit this blog when my son turns five! I LOVE all the details you put into everything! What a lucky boy to have such a creative mama!

Buell Fam said...

So stinkin' cute! Great job!

Jessica Munk said...

So sad Zac missed it!! As always a great looking party-so FUN! Congrats on the cake too!