Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Party Continues...

One of the things Paris asked for was a build-a-bear,
so we got her a gift card. After her party we went
out to spend the card. She had in mind everything
she was going to get.

She picked a cute little bunny with brown hair and
brown eyes just like her.

Then she decided to give her a heart "beep"as Lex says.

Then she went through the whole process of stuffing the bunny...

...making a wish on its heart...

 it a bath...

...picking out an outfit and shoes. She chose a
Rapunzel Dress and red shoes...

...Dressing the bunny...

...and giving her a name.  She chose Sprinkle,
because it was sprinkling rain outside for her birthday.

Then the ladies at Build-a-Bear had her ring
a gi-mungus bell, and everyone in the store
wished Paris a Happy 7th Birthday.

Gasp!! 60% off at Zales!!
(I just found it amusing that the
sign was so distracting in the shot)
I just like my cute family!!

Then we asked Paris where she would like to go for her
birthday dinner. She said Taco Bell....
Barf! (at least for a special birthday dinner) So we went
for mexican at Los Hermanos (even though we can make
it better at home! That's right Utah you heard me, I cook
mexican food better that your beloved Los Hermanos!!
Even the fried ice cream. Although it was good!)

The chairs were a perfect fit for Paris and her special friends.

Winter was mad...

...Until she got her picture taken.
She likes to look at the happy baby
on the back of the camera.


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