Monday, March 14, 2011

Civil War Project

I'm not totally sure how Lewis and Clark relate
to the Civil War except that they make way for
the Huge westward movement before it, what's
it called, Manifest Destiny and Clark's son
fought in it. But, it was on the list of subjects
Evey could pick for her Civil War project at school.

She was supposed to think of a creative way to
share with her class the info she researched. Some
projects could have been a diarrhea I mean diorama,
or poster, but we decided to go a different route
I'm not sure if we have made it clear that we
go all out for stuff, but we kinda go all out for
stuff. And, we love it, it's a lot of time spent
with each kid and as a family. Anyway, I suggested
we do another "reporter/ news update" video,
(see Orangutan video HERE....while looking
through blog archives, I found a TON of cute
pictures from way back when Lex was a baby on
the old, before they made me get a new blog
address, site...HERE ) And Jon suggested she play
all the parts and we put her on a split screen.

Evey did all the research, then I helped her write
the script. Then we picked out costumes
(hilarious!! fun time!) and then set up the camera
and got to work.

Parents were invited into watch the kids give their
presentations, so we got to see the great response
her teacher and class gave her. The first question
they asked her, after watching it, was if they could
watch it again.  Funny kids. And they did and her
teacher went and got other teachers and then asked
if she could keep a copy. So it was a successful project.

A quick note here, I didn't coach Evey at all!! I helped
her figure out a few different accents to use, but she
created each character all on her own!!


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Jessica Munk said...

So impressive!!! But not that suprising-You guys are amazing! Way to go Evey! Have you guys seen Chris Farley's last movie? "Almost Heros" its a lewis and clark story. Pretty funny, if you like that kind of stuff :)