Monday, March 14, 2011


We decided to get Jon a new laptop for his birthday.
This would help dramatically in his field of study.
So a few days before his birthday he went to
and picked out his computer, added a few upgrades and
went through the motions of making the purchase.
After entering out bank card number he received a message
that the payment hadn't gone through...WHAT! So he tried
using my card, his expiration date was nearing, still the
payment didn't go through, so we called the bank.

Apparently we have a daily maximum purchase amount
that helps in case someone gets a hold of a card.
Oh, yeah, I knew that! It's a great thing, on the off chance
something like that happens, however for an excited guy
wanting to buy his computer, it's not so great. He had to
go into the branch to up his daily limit. There they told him
it would take 24-48 hrs to take effect. More waiting! He
ended up trying the next day even though I told him, the
banks always take the maximum amount of time!

So the next day when the 48 hrs were up he planned on
making the purchase. He happened to hear in class that
morning, that Apple was planning to release a new
MacBook Pro within the next month that had 40% faster
processors. However Apple keeps things pretty well
under wraps (probably so that when their new stuff comes
out they can watch Microsoft and other companies scramble
to try to compete, it must be a fun show in the computer world!)
so he wasn't sure what and when this rumored new
computer was going to grace the world with it's presence.

Anyway, it took a bit, but a couple weeks later he heard
that for Steve Jobs' birthday they would release the new
MacBooks. Happy birthday Steve, here's another BILLION
dollars! So, We gave Mr. Jobs a nice chunk of moolah for
his birthday and in return Jon got a pretty nice, late, birthday present.
Thank you spending limit for not allowing Jon to purchase the older computer.

I am now supposed to tell you how nice in terms of geek specs...
MacBook Pro 17-inch
2.3GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 (updated from 2.2GHz )
8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB (updated from 4GB)
750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 RPM
Don't ask me what all that jargon means, super fast computer,
blah, blah... and I'm sure most of you won't know either,
but for my cutie hubby's sake and the sake of
those who know and are wondering, There I posted it.

He ordered it within the minute it became available. It was
pretty funny watching him watch the site as they updated it.
Then came the waiting for it to be shipped. It wasn't the normal
"within 24 hrs" because he got the upgrades. So it was then
funny to watch him track his package from China, freak when
it went from Ill to Tenn, then get so excited when it was finally
on the truck for delivery. So as I said in a previous post, He got
his birthday present on March 2 at 3pm, a month after his birthday.
But, he was still as gitty as a school girl when it showed up.


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