Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm not one to offer my opinion without being asked.....
Bwahhh-haha... sorry I can't say that with a straight face!
If you know me, you know that's a total lie!!
But, I usually don't say anything in public forums. I generally
keep my yapper shut, and sit back and listen to what everyone
else is saying, and my inner monologue runs wild. Well, I'm not
sure if it's the pregnancy hormones, or if I have some
Austin Powers-post-cryogenic-freezing-syndrome,
but I am feeling the need to "rant" to the world...

So, I'll take this moment to brag a little and
maybe give a little of my insight and experience
to others that may read this blog.

One of the things that has been posted, on facebook 
and other blogs that I read,  so frequently lately is 
how sick everyone, their kids and the kitchen sink have been. 
Wait, I think that's not quite right...
except the kitchen sink...
oh well, you know what I mean.

Our family has seen NONE of
the illness that has been running rampant this year.
I don't think the amount of sickness is any greater
this year, but with the popularity (okay I'll admit, addiction!)
of facebook, sometimes I just feel surrounded by it.
It makes me wonder why it has passed our family.

If you're not a frequent visitor at our house,
I'll share a little secret....I am the worst housekeeper

Okay, maybe not ever, but really I've had a hard
time keeping up with our little Winter monster, let
alone deep clean baseboards, door handles, walls,
and sometimes floors (with a crazy shedding dog,
a freakishly floofy cat and 4 kids, it can't get
neglected for too long) Who am I kidding, I've never
been good at those things! Anyway, the point that I'm
making is that germs are running rampant right along
with the kids and animals.

It's my theory and my mom's before me, that the germs
only make us and our immune systems stronger.

Sterilizing the house (I mean like, burn-your-nose-hairs-
out bleaching) and taking every available medication
at the first sniffle, only weakens our immune system,

making it that much harder to fight off anything
even with medication. And, once one starts down the
medicine path, it just gets that much harder to get off of it.

here's the bragging part...

...our family is rarely sick and
we don't have allergies. We don't go to the Dr except for
routine check ups and immunizations.  And, except for an
occasional dose of Tylenol or Triaminic my kids have
never had to take any sort of prescription medication.
Oop, I lied, Evey took an antibiotic once when she was
like 1 year old for thrush.  They have never had ear
infections, strep, or pink eye.
(let me find some wood!!! knock, knock, knock)

Paris has perfect attendance this year and Evey only
missed days for dance performances. Okay, I'm done

I'm not an overly protective parent, I don't
freak if a neighbor kid comes over and sneezes on one
of the kids or, if one of the kids does get a bug, I don't
separate them. If it's gonna go through the house, it's
GONNA go through the house, I'll suck it up and deal
with it, it's part of having kids, right? And,  I know
once it's gone, it's gone for awhile.

I know that my no-so-clean, no meds theory isn't for
everyone. There are other factors that play a part in
illness. And each household is different. I just want
to say to those of you who may have a pretty healthy
family and are wondering why you can't kick the
illness, just relax a little, let the body you were blessed
with do it's thing and keep you healthy.

I thank Heavenly Father daily for the health of our
family and am blessed to have been given such healthy kids.
I pray that the little boy waiting to join our family
carries the same strong, healthy genes
(he sure has a healthy kick already!)

5 Pennies for your thoughts:

Meggan Hayes said...

Oh My Gosh...I feel the exact same way!! I have so many friends who are constantly saying "I don't know why my kids are so sick, I have sanitized everything a million times." All I ever want to say to them is, maybe you should try not sanitizing everything all the time. My kids have been sick once this winter, just the youngest two and they got over it on their own, no ear infections, no antibiotics, no medicine. They eat off the floor occasionally, they play with other sick kids, they don't wash their hands before every meal. Germs make the body stronger...Amen to everything you said!!

Hannah said...

This made me laugh. I feel the same way. I think in my 26 years of existence I have taken an antibiotic twice. My house is never spotless and I don't think I own a can of Lysol. I have better things to do. We've had a couple colds up here this winter but nothing any of us saw a doctor for. My daughter eats off the floor and shares food with the dog, and still manages to seem relatively normal and is usually healthy.

Heather Buell said...

I've always felt the same way. I believe in stengthening the immune system by not over sterilizing or over freaking out about cleanliness. I wish our family has been passed over by the germs, but we have not. I'm glad it's working for your family though!

Drea said...

Ha ha! That's us to a tee! I'm a shamefully bad housekeeper! I try, I really do. But the most I'm able to do (especially being pregnant) is maintain a certain level of chaos! =) Things get picked up, eventually, and the carpet stays vacuumed but there's no way I'll ever get to sanitizing anything! And we rarely get sick. Although we did all get almost back-to-back stomach viruses... that was unpleasant and surprising. But other than that, we never go to the doctor--don't need to! There's something to be said for being germy! =)

DrKeppy said...

Agreed! We are a non-drug, non-vaccine family over here! yes, whatever happened to trusting in the amazing bodies that God gave us??? And besides - if the germ theory of disease was true - there would be no one around living to believe it!