Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Time... update this darn blog!!

 Now that we've run the gauntlet of birthdays ,
holidays, parties, anniversary (excuse me, "sorta"-versary),
Dance shows, out of town company,
AND have come out ALIVE,
I might be able to tackle an update.

I am going to retro the dates of each post so this post
is always first, and so I can put everything in
chronological order, even if I don't post it that way.
So here's a quick run through of the Happenings of February,
so that I can make sure I get it all and you can look back to
see if you've missed anything,
AND because I may not devote an entire post to the
event (for lack of pictures).

1- Jon turns 31

visit from DC

    - Evey dances in Point and Counterpoint

6 - Superbowl Party Lindsey Style

9 - I turn 25....I mean 30.

11 - Sick? Who's sick? NO ONE!! YAAY!!
       We miss all sicknesses spreading like crazy!

13 - My cousin from TX visits.

14 - We don't celebrate Valentine's Day!

19 - Paris turns 7!!!! Lots of little girls for Flower Party

21 - Presidents Day- or the start of "moving day" in the Lindsey house
        We make time for a visit to SLC for Build-a-bear and Ben & Jerry!

25 - Prim? -we take headshots for Evey to audition for
                 The Hunger Games movie

25 - It's still Winter!- despite popular belief that it's spring
       (come on Utah, didn't you learn in school that spring
       doesn't start until the end of March. Let us enjoy Winter!!)
       We get enough snow to play in, but have to hurry, it's melting fast!

27 - OCARS!!! We host our own Red Carpet Party

28 - We start celebrating 11 years of marriage at noon
          (to last through March 1 at noon)

Updating will take at least a few days though, so keep checking back.


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