Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Madness

No not basketball!! Although BYU was in the
sweet 16 so it was big, big news around here for a while.
No I mean Lindsey Madness in March. The month
wasn't very picture friendly. Or at least the pictures
of the fruits of this month won't be posted just yet.
We spent a lot of free time working on the building
and redecorating/organizing of kids rooms.

*Jon has been excited to use my camera for the short
movie he has to film in a class. He is the camera man
because, I don't trust any of the other kids with our
investment. Anyway, they decided to also use our
house for some of the filming.  From what I've seen
the camera and the camera man are doing a great job.
Apparently the director isn't as organized as the group
would like, so filming isn't quite done yet then they
have to edit. I will post the video when I can.

*Paris had a cute little program called A Day in the
Life of a First Grader. She was super excited for this
program and didn't want us to hear (even though she
would always sing them) any of the songs. She was
also excited because the program was on St. Patty's
day and she was excited to wear green. She did so
good singing her little heart out. I of course messed
up and didn't charge the video camera battery, and
then with what little I had I recorded the floor and
had the cam on pause when I thought I was filming.
You'd think I didn't have a brain!!
Anyway, it was really cute.

Jon likes to cook green eggs and ham for breakfast
and corned beef and cabbage for dinner on St Patty's day.
Kurt's birthday is the day before St P day, but he was with
friends so we had the family over on the 17th to celebrate.
Always a good time!

*Winter is such a character. Her vocabulary is growing
everyday. We left sign language in the dust a few months
ago, and she is now able to use words to communicate.
She is also able to get up on anything her little heart desires,
mostly the table.

Although we love that she is so curious 
and strong willed, we have to make sure 
we keep the table and counter top cleared. 
We can't hide the chairs and stools and her 
high chair and she pushes them to where 
ever it is she wants to get up. I figure if 
there was a way to hide the chairs, she 
would figure out how to get on the table 
anyway.  The other day I went into Evey's 
room and she was 3 feet off the ground 
climbing a bookshelf. She loves to make 
the monkey noise and pound her chest, 
and she loves bananas or "nana" as she 
calls them, so I figure I was right, 
she's a monkey!!
She also loves to show her belly button 
and says "Belly Buh" when you ask her 
where it is. She was in the process of 
showing me her belly buh in the picture 
above, but got distracted by something.
This is what happens when we leave 
groceries and an open box of Girls Scout 
Cookies on the table. 
Evey took these pictures.

I don't think I posted how big she was at her year appt.
2 months ago now...she was 18lbs 14 oz and 29 1/2 inches.
I figure she hasn't gained too much weight since then with
all of her running around and wiggling, but I can tell she
has grown taller, some of her 12 month pant legs and shirt
sleeves are getting a little short.  We also had a few firsts
recently. She was hating sleeping in her crib a few months
back, so just before her birthday we converted the crib into
a toddler bed, this helped she loved that she could get in and
out on her own. And that first night actually got really mad
when we gave her a little push to help her climb in. She had
to get back down and do it all by herself. At the last second
Lex put his hand under her foot to give her a little leverage.
No Way! She had to get down again and do it ALL by herself.
This is Paris all over again!! We even called Paris self for a
while because Everything had to be done "self." Anyway,
back to Winter. We have since moved her into a big girl bed.
After daddy finished building it, we went out and bought a
mattress and as soon as we put it on the bed, she got so happy
and jumped on to it. That night, she was so excited to go get
in HER bed. She crawled right in and went right to sleep.
It was amazing, because usually I hold her to go to sleep.
I love that she absolutely knew that she was getting
something new and special.

These pictures are in the middle of redecoration,
so that's why the walls are two tone.

I have been showing Winter the potty for a while now.
She thinks it's fun to sit on, and I think she is getting
that that is where we go potty, but she'll tell me she has
a dirty diaper and then run to the bathroom for me to
change her.  But recently I put her on the potty just
before her bath and she went, yay. Then after the bath
she went some more, ...THEN a few days later just
before bath she went AGAIN. Love it! Now I just
have to get my butt in gear and take her every few
minutes until she gets it. I'm super excited, but not
ready just yet, although I am running low on diapers
and wipies right now...hmmm.
I have pictures of her on the potty, but it's just before
bath and so she's a little nude, and I'm just not going
to put those on the internet. But she's dang cute!
Her hair is growing so fast right now, and it is staying
red, yay! So I got it into her first ponytail.
She's so stinkin' cutie!

 Sorry for the forever long post...Next up, Evey's birthday.


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Drea said...

So cute! The table is Matilda's favorite spot as well! It's probably good that we don't live anywhere near each other because I'm sure out littlest girls would get along really well--and run us ragged! I love Winter's bed! That's next on our docket, moving Matilda from the convertible crib to a big bed. She'd be happy to do it now but I think we'll wait until the fall since we also have to buy all new furniture for baby boy (A & M used the same crib which bit the dust and everything else is still in use, in their room!).