Thursday, May 19, 2011


I usually have a list of things we need to get or do,
or we go to the park on dance days, but I actually
didn't have anything but the bank on the agenda,
and it was pouring, so we laid down one of the
seats put down some blankets (in the van for soccer
games) and popped in a movie while we waited for
Evey to come out of dance.  They thought that was
a ton of fun. I remember being able to make beds
on the floor of cars on road trips when I was a kid,
but now days that's a big no no, so this was something
they hadn't really ever done before. It makes me excited
for the summer when we can go to the drive-in, which
we haven't done for a few years. Fun fun!


2 Pennies for your thoughts:

Drea said...

I love little things like that! I remember the "good ol' days" when my family would fold down the seats in the 4-Runner and we would spend the entire drive to Texas napping, reading aloud to each other and playing cards with the giant cooler as a table. Safety is obviously more important but when you're 10 hours into a trip I feel bad that my girls can't have that same experience so they've been trapped in their seatbelts that whole time!

Jessica Munk said...

Yeah I remember as a kid sleeping on the floor down the middle isle in our custom van :) Where is a drive in!?!? I thought they didn't have those anymore! :(